Experiencing Chinese (Revised Edition): Living in China (40-50 Hours)

Experiencing Chinese: Living in China is a language book specially written for foreign beginners of the Chinese language. It is suitable for adults who want a short course for learning Chinese. It provides material suitable both for short-term classes and for one-on-one teaching. The book incorporates the concept of learning through experience and functional language learning. It is designed to meet the basic requirements for daily social communication and focuses on the training and listening and speaking skills. The book consists of one Pronunciation cap, and 12 units, totaling 40-50 teaching hours.

ISBN: 9787040495263

Lesson 1你好! Hello!
Lesson 2现在几点? What time is it now?
Lesson 3这件毛衣怎么卖? How much does the sweater cost?
Lesson 4要一个宫保鸡丁。 I’d like a fried diced chicken with peanuts.
Lesson 5你哥哥在哪儿工作? Where does your elder brother work?
Lesson 6珍妮在吗? Is Jenny in?
Lesson 7一直走。 Go straight ahead.
Lesson 8你的新家在哪儿? Where is your new house?
Lesson 9你怎么了? What’s the matter with you?
Lesson 10你会修电脑吗? Can you repair a computer?
Lesson 11太冷了! It’s too cold!
Lesson 12请把桌子擦一下儿。 Please wipe the table.

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