Learn Chinese with Songs – A Girl Picking Up Mushrooms

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Learn Chinese with Songs: 采蘑菇的小姑娘 (A Girl Picking Up Mushrooms).

What is included in this PDF:
1. Lyrics
2. Word List
Here you can find 12 most important and most frequently Chinese words used in the song. Each word comes with Simplified Chinese, Pinyin, and English,
3. Cloze Test
Please fill up the missing words using the words provided in the word bank.
4. Crossword Puzzle
This puzzle involves writing the pinyin for vocabularies taken from the word list.
5. Word Search Puzzle
Please circle out the Chinese words hidden in the puzzle.
6. Writing Worksheets with Colorful Strokes
In this worksheet, each character stroke is with different colors, which helps you understand the basic component of character – strokes. You can also use the writing grids to practice your Chinese writing skills.
7. Domino Cards
The goal of Dominoes is to build a string of domino cards by matching a word on your domino to its Pinyin on the domino path. This game can be played with two to four players.
8. Answer keys for Crossword Puzzle and Word Search Puzzle

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