Sunshine Chinese Textbook 1A – Lesson 4, 5 & 6 Domino Cards Game

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This Domino Cards game is built upon new words appeared in Sunshine Chinese Textbook 1A (ISBN 9787100083287) Lesson 4-6.

The goal of Dominoes is to build a string of domino cards by matching a word on your domino to its Pinyin on the domino path. This game can be played with two to four players.
How to use:

1. Print the worksheet on A4 or US Letter size paper and cut the cards following the crop marks.
2. Shuffle the domino cards.
3. The first player selects one of cards and puts it, face up. The player must read aloud the Chinese and Pinyin on the card.
4. The next player takes his turn. He needs to scan the left cards for a word that matches Chinese or Pinyin on the already-played domino card. When he finds one, he adds it to the playing field, reads both Chinese and Pinyin on the card aloud.

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