Worksheets for Easy Steps to Chinese Vol. 2

This book is Volume Two of the series Easy Steps to Chinese. With five units (three lessons in each unit), it offers language knowledge and practice centering on the common topics in everyday life such as “countries, language, school subjects, phone calls”, “weather, seasons, sickness”, “hobbies”, “vegetables, fruits, meals, eating out”, “house, housewares, community”, etc. This volume is full-color printed (with one CD). With beautiful illustrations, practical conversations and short articles, it enables the students’ simple communication in fluent and accurate Chinese.

ISBN: 9787561918104

Unit 1

Lesson 1 Countries, Languages 国家、语言
Lesson 2 Subjects of Study 科目
Lesson 3 Making Phone Calls 打电话

Unit 2

Lesson 4 Weather 天气
Lesson 5 Seasons 季节
Lesson 6 Sickness 生病

Unit 3

Lesson 7 Hobby (1): Music 爱好(一):音乐
Lesson 8 Hobby (2): Sports 爱好(二):运动
Lesson 9 Hobby (3): Dance 爱好(三):舞蹈

Unit 4

Lesson 10 Vegetables and Fruits 蔬莱、水果
Lesson 11 Three Meals a Day 一日三餐
Lesson 12 Eating Out 外出就餐

Unit 5

Lesson 13 House 房子
Lesson 14 Furniture 家具
Lesson 15 Neighbourhood 社区
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