Worksheets for BCT Standard Course 3

BCT Standard Course is the combination of a general language course for Chinese students who combines the learning content with those of the BCT (Business Chinese Test). The lessons are filled with learning contents in a modern design, each unit is limited to less than 5 minutes. The appendix contains a sample test. Learners who have completed the BCT Standard Course 1-3 courses have learned the contents of the BCT (A) and the volumes 4-5 cover BCT (B).

ISBN: 9787107307928

Lesson 1 幸会
Lesson 2 为了健康
Lesson 3 节日聚会
Lesson 4 他出去了
Lesson 5 请把门打开
Lesson 6 简历被谁拿走了
Lesson 7 手续很简单
Lesson 8 预定会议中心
Lesson 9 我们是一家大企业
Lesson 10 欢迎您来我们工厂参观
Lesson 11 在市场上销售得很好
Lesson 12 我们开始吧
Lesson 13 请您再考虑考虑
Lesson 14 为我们合作成功干杯
Lesson 15 七天包退
Lesson 16希望这样的问题以后不再发生
Lesson 17 我们要招聘新员工
Lesson 18 市场调查报告
Lesson 19 合同修改好了
Lesson 20 祝你一路顺风
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