Worksheets for YCT Standard Course 1

Introduction: Authorized by Hanban, the YCT Standard Course has been developed under the joint efforts of Higher Education Press and Chinese Testing International (CTI). The target readers are primary and middle school students from overseas who take Chinese as an elective course, and who are going to take the YCT. With the YCT test papers as its primary source, the YCT Standard Course aims to achieve an integrated combination of function and fun, provide a scientific curriculum and effective teaching methods, as well as stimulate students’ multiple intelligence. It is a series of textbooks with a new approach that embodies the idea of “combining testing and teaching”. It is suitable for the Confucius Classrooms in different countries as well as other Chinese teaching institutions and self-taught learners.

The whole series matches the YCT test, with one volume for each of Levels 1-2 and two volumes for each of Levels 3-4, totaling six volumes. This is Book 1, which covers all the 80 words, 10 grammar items and 9 function items of the YCT level 1. The book has 12 lessons, and the suggested class hours for each lesson are 3~4 hours. Each lesson has a YCT model test page attached, which helps students familiarize themselves with the test and pass the YCT successfully after finishing the book. The book is printed in full colour. The accompanying MP3 files can be downloaded from the website.

YCT Standard Course (Book 1) is designed for entry level primary school and middle school students. The book has 12 lessons, covering all the 80 words, 10 grammar items and 9 function items of YCT level 1. Lessons 1—11 are teach ing lessons while Lesson 12 is a revision lesson. The suggested class hours for each lesson are 3-4 hours.

Each lesson in Book 1 consists of Key sentences, Let’s learn (new words), Let’s read (texts), Activities and exercises, Songs, Mini stories and Model test page.

ISBN: 9787040423679

Lesson 1 你好!Hello!
Lesson 2 你叫什么?What’s your name?
Lesson 3 他是谁?Who is he?
Lesson 4 我家有四口人。There are four people in my family.
Lesson 5 我6岁。I’m 6 years old.
Lesson 6 你的个子真高!You’re so tall!
Lesson 7 这是谁的狗?Whose dog is this?
Lesson 8 我去商店。I’m going to the store.
Lesson 9 今天星期几?What day is it today?
Lesson 10 现在几点?What time is it?
Lesson 11 你吃什么?What would you like to eat?

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