Worksheets for HSK Standard Course 4B

Introduction: Authorized by Hanban, HSK Standard Course is developed under the joint efforts of Beijing Language and Culture University Press and Chinese Testing International (CTI). With HSK test papers as its primary source, HSK Standard Course is characterized by a humorous style, familiar topics and a scientific course design. Matching the HSK test in all aspects, from the content, form to the levels, it is a series of new-type course books embodying the idea of “combining testing and teaching, and promoting learning and teaching by testing”. It is suitable for the Confucius Institutes in different countries as well as other Chinese teaching institutions and self-taught learners.

The whole series is divided into six levels matching the HSK test, with one volume for each of Levels 1-3 and two volumes for each of Levels 4-6, totaling nine volumes. With a textbook, a workbook and a teacher’s book in each volume, there are altogether 27 books. This is Textbook 4B, which includes 10 lessons, covering about 300 words (half of the Level 4 vocabulary) and the detailed explanations of 50 language points and 10 groups of confusable phrases. Upon finishing this book, students will be able to make conversations on a wide range of topics in Chinese and fluently communicate with native Chinese speakers.

Upon finishing this book, students will be able to “understand and use a few simple Chinese words and sentences to meet their specific needs in communication and to prepare themselves for further learning”.

ISBN: 9787561939307

Lesson 11 读书好,读好书,好读书 It´s good to read; read good books and like reading
Lesson 12 用心发现世界Discover the world with your heart
Lesson 13 喝着茶看京剧 Drink tea while watching Beijing opera
Lesson 14 保护地球母亲 Protect our Mother Earth
Lesson 15 教育孩子的艺术 The art of educating children
Lesson 16 生活可以更美好Life can be better
Lesson 17 人与自然Humans and nature
Lesson 18 科技与世界 Science, technology and the world
Lesson 19 生活的味道 Taste of life
Lesson 20 路上的风景The view along the way

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