Worksheets for Short-Term Spoken Chinese (3rd Edition) Threshold Vol. 1

Short-Term Spoken Chinese teaches students to speak beginning Chinese in a short period of time. Each book has 15 lessons and each lesson consists of vocabulary, text, grammar, exercises, and more.

ISBN: 9787561921821

Lesson 1 你好 Hello
Lesson 2 你好吗 How are you
Lesson 3 你吃什么 What do you want to eat
Lesson 4 多少钱 How much is it
Lesson 5 图书馆在哪儿 Where is the library
Lesson 6 我来介绍一下 Let me introduce
Lesson 7 你身体好吗 How is your health
Lesson 8 你是哪国人 Which country are you from
Lesson 9 你家有几口人 How many people are there in your family
Lesson 10 现在几点 What time is it now
Lesson 11 办公楼在教学楼北边 The teaching building is to the north of the administration building
Lesson 12 要红的还是要蓝的 What do you want, the red one or the blue one
Lesson 13 您给我介绍介绍 Please give me a brief introduction
Lesson 14 咱们去尝尝,好吗 Let’s have a taste, shall we
Lesson 15 去邮局怎么走 How can I get to the post office

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