Worksheets for Developing Chinese (2nd Edition) Intermediate Course Vol. II

Introduction: Developing Chinese (2nd Edition) is a set of nationally planned textbook for higher education during the “Eleventh Five-Year”. Based on the well-designed structure of the first edition, this edition adds more elements in tune with the times. It includes 28 volumes with altogether 34 books.Combining the cultivation of integrated language skills with the training of specific language skills in its compilation, this set of textbooks can be divides into three levels (elementary, intermediate and advanced) and five series (comprehensive, listening, speaking, reading and writing), among which the comprehensive series is the bulk and the others are the accompanying series. The overall purpose is to develop and improve the students’ Chinese language skills, Chinese communication skills, integrated Chinese capabilities as well as enhance their interest and ability in learning Chinese.The whole set has made some new attempts to diversify the language styles and registers, to systemize and specialize language elements, language knowledge and the training of language skills, to reveal the rich and varied social life in modern China and to show the diverse and tolerant Chinese culture.

ISBN: 9787561932391

Lesson 1 故事二则
Lesson 2 测试你的生存技巧
Lesson 3 乖乖回家之路
Lesson 4 桑兰的微笑
Lesson 5 再平凡也可以活成一座丰碑
Lesson 6 从“鸡毛换糖”到“世界超市”
Lesson 7 彩票
Lesson 8 燕子买房记
Lesson 9 李连杰和他的“壹基金”
Lesson 10 谁在安排你的生活
Lesson 11 代沟
Lesson 12 错觉
Lesson 13 你是家养的还是野生的
Lesson 14 公说公有理,婆说婆有理
Lesson 15 俺爹俺娘

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