Worksheets for Road to Success: Upper Elementary Vol. 1

Upper Elementary, following Elementary of Road to Success, is a integrated textbook for elementary Chinese students.

It consists of three volumes, each of which has 12 lessons. The students can learn 2000 Chinese words and will step into the intermediate stage of their Chinese language study after learning these three volumes.

ISBN: 9787561921753

Unit 1 我们的留学生活

Lesson 1 安妮的日记
Lesson 2 马丁看中医
Lesson 3 给父母的一封信
Lesson 4 我的太极拳老师

Unit 2 智慧的故事

Lesson 5 曹冲称象
Lesson 6 左手握右手
Lesson 7 镇静是一种智慧
Lesson 8 香蕉和香蕉皮

Unit 3 中国传统文化故事

Lesson 9 凤凰的传说
Lesson 10 熟能生巧
Lesson 11 谁发明了筷子
Lesson 12 孔子和渔夫

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