Worksheets for YCT Standard Course 3

Introduction: YCT Standard Course (Book 3) is designed for entry level primary school and middle school students. The book has 12 lessons, covering 80 words, 26 grammar and function items of YCT level 3. Lessons 1—11 are teaching lessons while lesson 12 is a revision lesson. The suggested class hours for each lesson are 3-4 hours.

Each lesson in Book 3 consists of Key sentences, Let’s learn (new words), Let’s read (texts), Activities and exercises, Songs, Mini stories and Model test page.

The Youth Chinese Test (YCT) is an international standardized test of Chinese proficiency, which evaluates the ability of primary school and middle school students whose mother tongue is not Chinese to use the Chinese language in their daily lives and study. YCT Standard Course has been developed based on the analysis of YCT papers and the principle of “combining testing and teaching”.

ISBN: 9787040445909

Lesson 1 我三年级。 I’m in the third grade.
Lesson 2 你喜欢什么运动? What’s your favorite sport?
Lesson 3 我在画画儿呢。 I’m drawing a picture.
Lesson 4 喂,您好! Hello!
Lesson 5 再吃几个。 Have some more.
Lesson 6 我能自己穿。 I can put it on by myself.
Lesson 7 生日快乐! Happy birthday!
Lesson 8 下雪了。 It’s snowing.
Lesson 9 笑-笑! Smile!
Lesson 10 谁跑得快? Who runs fast?
Lesson 11 妈妈把糖给弟弟了。 Mom has given the candy to your brother.

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