Worksheets for New Practical Chinese Reader (Traditional Chinese Characters Edition) Vol. 1

New Practical Chinese Reader is a series of Chinese textbooks compiled at the beginning of the new millennium for the purpose of Chinese to native English speakers or those who use English as their principal second language. It aims to develop the learner’s communicative ability in Chinese by learning language structures. Functions and related cultural knowledge as well as by training their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

ISBN: 9787561919354

Lesson 1 你好
Lesson 2 你忙嗎
Lesson 3 她是哪國人
Lesson 4 認識你很高興
Lesson 5 餐廳在哪兒
Lesson 6 (複習)我們去遊戲,好嗎
Lesson 7 你認識不認識他
Lesson 8 你們家有幾口人
Lesson 9 他今年二十歲
Lesson 10 我在這兒買光盤
Lesson 11 我會說一點兒漢語
Lesson 12 我全身都不舒服
Lesson 13 我認識了一個漂亮的姑娘
Lesson 14 (複習)祝你聖誕快樂
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