Worksheets for New Practical Chinese Reader (Traditional Chinese Characters Edition) Vol. 2

New Practical Chinese Reader is a series of Chinese textbooks compiled at the beginning of the new millennium for the purpose of Chinese to native English speakers or those who use English as their principal second language. It aims to develop the learner’s communicative ability in Chinese by learning language structures. Functions and related cultural knowledge as well as by training their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

ISBN: 9787561921074

Lesson 15 她去上海了
Lesson 16 我把這事兒忘了
Lesson 17 這件旗袍比那件漂亮
Lesson 18 我聽懂了,可是記錯了
Lesson 19 中國畫跟油畫不一樣
Lesson 20 (複習Review) 過新年
Lesson 21 我們的隊員是從不同國家來的
Lesson 22 你看過越劇沒有
Lesson 23 我們爬上長城來了
Lesson 24 你舅媽也開始用計算機了
Lesson 25 司機開着車送我們到醫院
Lesson 26 (複習) 你快要成“中國通”了
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