Worksheets for Developing Chinese (2nd Edition) Intermediate Course Vol. I

Introduction: Developing Chinese (2nd Edition) is a set of nationally planned textbook for higher education during the “Eleventh Five-Year”. Based on the well-designed structure of the first edition, this edition adds more elements in tune with the times. It includes 28 volumes with altogether 34 books.

Combining the cultivation of integrated language skills with the training of specific language skills in its compilation, this set of textbooks can be divides into three levels (elementary, intermediate and advanced) and five series (comprehensive, listening, speaking, reading and writing), among which the comprehensive series is the bulk and the others are the accompanying series. The overall purpose is to develop and improve the students’ Chinese language skills, Chinese communication skills, integrated Chinese capabilities as well as enhance their interest and ability in learning Chinese.The whole set has made some new attempts to diversify the language styles and registers, to systemize and specialize language elements, language knowledge and the training of language skills, to reveal the rich and varied social life in modern China and to show the diverse and tolerant Chinese culture.

The Intermediate Comprehensive Course (I), with altogether 15 lessons, is suitable for learners who have mastered basic Chinese grammar, learned 2,000-2,500 commonly used words, and possessed basic communicative skills in Chinese to communicate and interact with others on personal-related or common familiar topics. After completing this textbook, learners will master a certain number of words, language points and functional phrases that should be known and understood at the intermediate level; they will be able to comprehend language materials related to social life, carry out basic expressions in paragraphs, and organize simple chapters; they will further enrich their knowledge of Chinese language, and comprehensively improve their overall linguistic competence of listening, speaking, reading and writing in Chinese as well as their ability to communicate appropriately in the language; they will master the general learning strategies, communicative strategies, resource strategies, basic knowledge of Chinese culture, basic cross-cultural awareness and international perspective; further enhance the motivation for Chinese learning and the ability of independent learning.

ISBN: 9787561930892

Lesson 1 北京的四季
Lesson 2 租房只要一个条件
Lesson 3 我和父亲的“战争”
Lesson 4 最认真的快递员
Lesson 5 最好的教育
Lesson 6 电梯里的1分27秒
Lesson 7 我在中国学“大方”
Lesson 8 天使之笔
Lesson 9 生物钟
Lesson 10 给咖啡加点儿盐
Lesson 11 “SOHO一族”的快乐与烦恼
Lesson 12 让拇指说话
Lesson 13 人生最重要的三件事
Lesson 14 梦里有你
Lesson 15 绿色屋顶

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