Worksheets for Easy Steps to Chinese (2nd Edition) Vol. 4

The 2nd edition of Easy Steps to Chinese is especially designed for non-Chinese background students, who are learning Chinese as a second/foreign language. The series can be used by secondary school students as well as fifth and sixth graders in primary schools.

This series will help students establish a solid foundation of Chinese in terms of characters, words, sentences and grammar through natural and gradual integration of language, themes and culture. The simultaneous development of listening, speaking, reading and writing is especially emphasized. The ultimate aim is to help students develop communication skills in Chinese in real-life situations and express their viewpoints appropriately, precisely, logically and coherently.

ISBN: 9787561959510

Lesson 1我的家庭
Lesson 2新学校生活
Lesson 3一次郊游
Lesson 4汉语学习
Lesson 5中文短期培训班
Lesson 6天才钢琴家
Lesson 7买礼物
Lesson 8中国文化节
Lesson 9武术夏令营
Lesson 10善用电脑
Lesson 11社交工具
Lesson 12坐高铁旅游
Lesson 13在农村过年
Lesson 14圣诞音乐会
Lesson 15在饭店吃饭
Lesson 16环保周
Lesson 17世界公民
Lesson 18国际美食节

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