Worksheets for Road to Success: Upper Elementary Vol. 2

Upper Elementary, following Elementary of Road to Success, is a integrated textbook for elementary Chinese students.It consists of three volumes, each of which has 12 lessons. The students can learn 2000 Chinese words and will step into the intermediate stage of their Chinese language study after learning these three volumes.

Upper Elementary Volume 2 has altogether 12 lessons. Besides the texts and new words, this book includes the extension of words and the explanation of language points. The exercises in this book are rich in form and content, including practice on words and grammar, comprehensive exercises and expression exercises.

ISBN: 9787561922095

Unit 4 生活中的启示

Lesson 13 驴的自救
Lesson 14 陶行知的四块糖
Lesson 15 老人和乞丐
Lesson 16 喇叭盗窃案

Unit 5 动人的情感

Lesson 17 一个婴儿的拥抱
Lesson 18 信任的力量
Lesson 19 不当差的天使走了
Lesson 20 陪聊

Unit 6 中国当代社会(一)

Lesson 21 网络新生活
Lesson 22 老人养老去哪里
Lesson 23 的哥给我上的“MBA课”
Lesson 24 大学生的就业问题

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