Worksheets for Boya Chinese (2nd Edition) Elementary 2

The book is the primary section of Boya Chinese, suitable for beginners and novices who learn Chinese. This book is compiled in the framework of structure – scenario – function; its content dominatly is close to the lives of students, including some situations on campus as well as student- related daily life, which is more practical and appliable for students. This separate voice part of this book is intended for beginners.

ISBN: 9787301215395


Lesson 1 飞机晚点了
Lesson 2 我想搬到外面去
Lesson 3 她穿着一件黄衬衫
Lesson 4 美国没有这么多自行车
Lesson 5 这家餐厅的菜不错


Lesson 6 广告栏上贴着一个通知
Lesson 7 冰箱塞得满满的
Lesson 8 比赛很精彩
Lesson 9 我进不去了
Lesson 10 山上的风景美极了


Lesson 11 西红柿炒鸡蛋
Lesson 12 搬家
Lesson 13 一封信
Lesson 14 成功需要多长时间
Lesson 15 请稍等


Lesson 16 从哪一头儿吃香蕉
Lesson 17 李军的日记
Lesson 18 我看过京剧
Lesson 19 如果有一天
Lesson 20 好咖啡总是放在热杯子里的


Lesson 21 黄金周:痛痛快快玩儿一周
Lesson 22 一个电话
Lesson 23 笑话
Lesson 24 人生
Lesson 25 点心小姐

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