Zhong Wen Textbook Vol. 4

The “Zhong Wen” Chinese Language Text Book is compiled by the Chinese Language College of Jinan University for Overseas Chinese and their children, and for anyone who wish to learn Chinese language. It is sponsored by the Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs under the State Council of the People’s Republic of China. The whole set is composed of 48 volumes, including 12 level of textbooks, 24 drill workbooks (Exercise book A and B for each level), and 12 teachers’ reference books. Tapes and VCD for computer drilling exercises at each level are developed.

This set of “Zhong Wen” Chinese Language Text Books, have been introduced and highly recommended by the Chinese School Association in the United States as major teaching materials in the United States since 1996. Since then, It has becoming the most popular Chinese Language textbook used by Chinese language schools and parents in the United States, Canada and many European countries in resent years.

ISBN: 9787810296380

Lesson 1 给爷爷的信 A Letter to Grandfather
Lesson 2 颐和园 The Summer Palace
Lesson 3 凡尔赛宫 The Versailles Palace
Lesson 4 晒太阳 Enjoy the Sunshine
Lesson 5 小马过河 The Little Horse Crosses the River
Lesson 6 猴子捞月亮 Monkeys Try to Scoop up the Moon
Lesson 7 古诗二首 Two Ancient Poems
Lesson 8 司马光 Sima Guang
Lesson 9 数星星的孩子 The Boy Who Counted Stars
Lesson 10 问答 Ask and Answer
Lesson 11 大自然的语言 The Language of Nature
Lesson 12 月亮上有什么 What’s There on the Moon

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