Worksheets for Sunshine Chinese Textbook 1A

The Volume 1 of Sunshine Chinese consists of 12 units, and each unit presents a story in the form of a dialogue. The stories in this volume are carefully designed by using the key vocabulary, the grammar and the language functions required in level 1, and by introducing Chinese culture as appropriate. It can not only motivate students to learn Chinese, but also help them understand the uses of the vocabulary and the grammar, and try to use them through practice. The coherence of the plots of the stories can also help students link up what they have teamed in class. Thus, learning Chinese becomes an easy and enjoyable experience.

ISBN: 9787100083287

Lesson 1 我的家

Lesson 2 你好

Lesson 3 你几岁

Lesson 4 我喜欢

Lesson 5 你去哪儿

Lesson 6 这是什么

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