Worksheets for Road to Success: Elementary Vol. 2

Road to Success is a series of foreign language teaching materials for non-native learners of Chinese. It not only can be applied to classroom teaching of formal Chinese teaching institutions, but also can meet the demands of various forms of teaching and self-study learners.It provides a comprehensive and rich teaching content and builds a scrupulous and standard teaching platform. Learners can get systematic learning and training of Chinese language knowledge, skills and culture. Moreover, the combinatorial design of Road to Success meets to the greatest extent diversified needs of teaching and learning by providing a wide choice for all types of teaching institutions and self-study learners.

Elementary, following Lower Elementary of Road to Success, is a integrated textbook for elementary Chinese students.

It consists of two volumes, each of which consists of 3 units. Each unit is composed of 4 lessons, all of which center around one topic. The topics are all the students familiar with and interested in when they study in China, including daily life, campus life, transportation and travel, entertainment and culture etc. The students will be able to learn over 600 Chinese words after learning these two volumes and further improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

ISBN: 9787561921906

Unit 4 社会交往 Social Communication

Lesson 13 快请进来吧 Please come in quickly
Lesson 14 不知道带什么礼物去 I do not know what gifts to bring
Lesson 15 我把他看成普通的病人 I regard him as an ordinary patient
Lesson 16 我穿着白色T恤 I wear a white T-shirt

Unit 5 运动 健康 Sport and Health

Lesson 17 我不如你打得好 I do not play as well as you
Lesson 18 比平时少吃一些 Eat less than usual
Lesson 19 从这条路爬上去 Climb up through this way
Lesson 20 喝着啤酒看世界怀 Watch the World Cup when drinking beer

Unit 6 娱乐 文化 Entertainment and Culture

Lesson 21 把啤酒倒满,干杯 Fill the glass with beer and drink a toast
Lesson 22 听不懂没关系 It doesn’t matter if you do not understand
Lesson 23 我的车被撞坏了 My bicycle is crashed
Lesson 24 除了山本以外,大家都去 Except Yamamoto, everyone else will go

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