Easy Steps to Chinese (2nd Edition) Vol. 4 – Lesson 4 Missing Stroke Worksheet

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This printable worksheet is designed to help language learners practice their Chinese writing skills using the vocabulary from Lesson 4 of the Easy Steps to Chinese (2nd Edition) Vol. 4 (ISBN 9787561959510) curriculum. Each character in the worksheet has one stroke missing, and the learners are required to fill it in.

With this exercise, learners will improve their understanding of the basic Chinese strokes and characters, and they will be able to recognize the relationships between different stroke types. In addition, completing this worksheet will help learners memorize the vocabulary in a more engaging and interactive way.

Overall, the printable fill-in-the-missing strokes Chinese worksheet is an excellent tool for learners who want to reinforce their knowledge of the Chinese language and improve their handwriting skills. With consistent practice and effort, anyone can become fluent in Chinese, and this worksheet is a helpful step in that direction.

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